Aishat Sa’adu, 16- Learning the ropes

These days, Aishat Sa’adu is full of giggles. She is enjoying her time at the learning center for adolescent girls in Misau local government area of Bauchi state.
She recognizes the letters in the alphabet and can count from 1 to 100. These are major achievements for her.
Aishat is a school dropout and at age 16 a divorcee. She pulled out of school and forced by her father to marry a man she knew little about. The marriage lasted a month.
“I begged my parents to return to school but they refused. I stayed at home for two years, doing nothing. If I had continued I will have known a lot more than I do now,” she says.
The traditional leader in her community informed Aishat’s grandmother that a learning center was opening in his house and advised her to enroll the teenager. Her grandmother wasted no time seizing the opportunity.
She has put the past behind and decided to forge ahead. The center has rekindled her desire for education.

Aishat enjoys reading the literacy and math textbooks she received from the learning center. She reads with other children at home, pairing consonants and vowels together and pronouncing the sounds loudly.
“Hopefully, I will complete the program at the center. But I do not know what will be next.”

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She giggles and adds, “I will like to be a lawyer. I want justice.”[/perfectpullquote]

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