At the Da’awa Non-formal learning centre in Zango community, Bauchi State, about 70 almajiris (out-of-school boys roaming the street) learn to read and write. Amina Usman, teacher at the centre, speaking about her motivation said “It doesn’t matter if it is not your child, if you help other people’s children to learn, you make a big contribution to society,” she says.

Zango Community members saw the impact of the USAID funded, NEI Plus non-formal learning centre in 2016 and 2017 and requested that another centre be established for almajiris in the area.
The Da’awa Empowerment Group provided a space at their skills acquisition facility for the Da’awa Non-formal learning centre. The Da’awa empowerment group, along with providing space, also contributes funds for meals for learners. This encourages learners to focus on learning and not worry about fending for themselves on the streets.

The boys who could not read or write before starting lessons at the Da’awa Non-formal learning centre are now happy to learn. 10-year-old Yusuf Ismail, said, “I can now write my name, and I can count numbers from 1 – 1000”. Yusuf wants to be a doctor in the future.

Another boy, Ahmadu Aliyu (16years) came to the centre after hearing that a centre has been established in his neighborhood to teach Almajiris like himself. Ahmadu says he wants to learn to read and write to enable him to engage in profitable business.

Going to the centre to learn will spark a deep interest in going to school and chart a better future for Almajiri boys like Yusuf and Ahmadu.

Photo by Adebisi Adetunji (Writer)

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