Privacy & User Policy

Thank you for visiting the Northern Education Initiative Plus (the Initiative) website. Your privacy and security are very important to us. Please be aware that the Initiative does not collect personal information when you visit our website, unless you choose to provide that information.


Users are NOT required to provide any personal information to use this website. Users may choose to provide the Initiative with their personal information either online or offline, such as:

  • Communicating with the project via email, phone, postal mail, etc.
  • Submitting an inquiry
  • Subscribing to one of our online services, such as the newsletter and content blasts
  • Providing information personally to the Initiative employee
  • Submitting a resume for employment

The Initiative will only use personal information for the purpose for which it was provided, such as to respond to any type of communication. We will not exchange the user’s information to a third party and will ensure that all personal information given to us is protected from any unauthorized use, modification, destruction or loss and disclosure.

If you submit your email to the Initiative, it reserves the right to send you information about its programs, projects and related activities. A recipient may unsubscribe at any time.

The Initiative does not charge a subscription fee for the information on its website.

Like most websites, the Initiative uses a number of commercially available tools to determine how users are experiencing and interacting with its website. These tools are valuable as they assist the project when making decisions about content.

Content & Usage

All content (including, but not limited to, text, photographs, videos and design) presented on the website is owned by the Initiative, unless otherwise indicated.

The Initiative allows brief portions of the published text to be cited for educational or non-commercial purposes, only if it is cited as “The Northern Education Initiative Plus” and must be linked back to the website. The following are additional conditions of usage:

Logo: The Initiative name are the property of Northern Education Initiative Plus and cannot be used without written permission, except when used by the media.

Videos: Videos produced by the Initiative are property of the project. Users may link to them and must credit them as the Initiative-produced videos. The Initiative reserves the right to ask people or organizations to delete these links at any time and for any reason.

Photos: Photographs on the website are property of the Initiative or the Initiative-contracted photographer. No photographs are to be used without prior written permission from the Northern Education Initiative Plus.


The Initiative strives to provide accurate, relevant information about its programs, countries of operations and other activities. If a factual error is detected after publication, the content will be updated and the most current version will be posted. If a visitor believes something published on the website is incorrect, it should contact The Initiative reserves the right to make the ultimate determination about corrections and updates.


The Initiative has made it possible for users to post personal comments on certain content at any point when visiting the website. The Initiative will not edit personal comments by users. However, the Initiative reserves the right at its sole discretion to remove any comment for any reason and at any time. The Initiative expects people who post comments use professional behavior and respect the values of the project.

Shared Links

Users interested in sharing content from or about the Initiative must provide a link to the Initiative website. This link must be used to promote the content or the program/campaign/project involved. If the shared link is used for an inappropriate purpose, the Initiative reserves the right to remove/demand the removal of the link.


These cookies are designed for websites to remember pieces of information about a visitor, such as the user’s computer IP address. The Initiative will use cookies only in determining website metrics.

Policy Changes

The Initiative reserves the rights to modify, add or delete any of the Privacy & User Policy at any point without notice. The project will indicate on the page the date of the most recent update to the Privacy & User Policy. Continued use of the website constitutes a user’s acceptance of the newly revised Privacy & User Policy. If the user does not agree with any changes to the Privacy & User Policy, then said user should not visit and use (or continue to) the website and or content. It will be the users’ responsibility to regularly check whether the Privacy Policy has been changed in any way.