NEI Plus Staff share memorable experiences on the first team building event

USAID’s Northern Education Initiative (NEI) Plus project recently organized a 3-day team building event for all its 109 staff members in Abuja, Sokoto and Bauchi states. This team bonding event aimed at fostering better relationship among members of staff in order to achieve the goal of improving the reading skills of one million Nigerian children by 2020.

Some of the staff shared their valued moments during the retreat.

“For me, the film show that projected the leadership skill and the personality of Madiba – Nelson Mandela summed up all the gains of the retreat. I personally appreciate USAID for approving the retreat. I also appreciate Creative Associates International for supporting the Acting Chief of Party and indeed all staff. I believe that, this exercise will bring out the best in everyone for the collective success of the NEI Plus project.”
Femi Adetola, Security Advisor, Abuja

“I wish we had this before now, it was indeed an epoch-making event and a momentous moment for me. I was so excited to see all staff relate positively together irrespective of state and position. The matchstick game struck me as it made everyone to interact freely focusing on getting the right match. The Myer Briggs Personality Indicator Test was mind boggling, revealing and like a new dawn. I was able to discover myself, who I really am and then understand and appreciate others and their personality traits. This is my biggest take away.”
Lydia Onuoha, English Reading and Standards Specialist, Abuja

“My major takeaway is the importance of team spirit to the attainment of our goals. This was also portrayed in short drama presented by the Bauchi Team at the variety night. In addition to this, I was able to discover and understand my personality values through the Myer-Briggs Personality Test and how I could use the positive values to work with other staff members effectively.”
– Abubakar Hassan, Misau LGA Access Coordinator, Bauchi

“The retreat provided me the opportunity to meet with the entire NEI Plus family. I was inspired by all the activities. The team bonding, interactions, mutual love, respect, and team work regardless of one’s position had helped us to build strong relationship with one another. The Myer-Briggs Personality Test helped me to identify my strengths, weaknesses, opportunities and threat and my ability to integrate who I am with others personality to achieve common objectives. I say a very big ‘thank you’ to the initiators and organizers.”
– Comfort Egwin, Finance Officer, Sokoto

“I had a wonderful experience in the retreat. I learnt so much on the importance of team work and its impact on every member of the team. I also learnt from the leadership skills session not to be judgmental, harsh on staffs and how to manage emotional intelligence, and emotional quotient. The outdoor games brought so much laughter on my mind and before leaving Badagry, I dumped all negative thoughts on people who have hurt me in the lagoon to be able to move forward in the spirit of forgiveness.”
– Hajara Aliyu, Darazo LGA Access Coordinator, Bauchi

“The retreat was awesome, educative, entertaining and refreshing. Thank you for bringing all NEI Plus family together and together we will achieve our set goals and objective. One love keep us together.”
– Asabe Audu, LGA Access Coordinator, Sokoto

“What I really took during this retreat is that everyone in the organization has or her role to play and we all need to understand and respect that person role as it is part of the system that will aid in achieving the overall organizations goal. As my able STL rightly said the retreat gave us the opportunity to ‘forgive and forget’, ‘learn and lean’ ‘conquer and concur’. I hope for more of this as it binds us all as a family.”
– Abdulmajeed Aliyu, Finance and Admin Officer, Bauchi

“The workshop sessions were so interactive with full participation. The topics treated were very educative, interesting and helpful in strengthening the team spirit of the Initiative. I have learnt a lot after the training, including the knowledge that before an organization could achieve its goals and objectives to succeed, the members need to work as a team, in harmony, where each member is important and has a special role to play towards achieving the common goal. Most importantly, organizational goal should always take priority over our personal goals.”
– Abednego Nathan, Project driver, Bauchi

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